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So, the G8 meeting WAS interesting

Posted by Danny Morris on July 10, 2009

Photographic evidence that agreeing to limit warming of global temperatures to 2 degree C was not the only notable thing at the G-8 meeting this week:


This may be evidence that B-Rock is indeed human. I also appreciate how amused Sarkozy appears. Before jumping to conclusions though, you should note this picture may have been taken out of context. Who has come forth to defend the President’s honor? Greta Van Susteren of Fox News, obviously. Just because a picture speaks 1000 words doesn’t mean those are the right words…

H/T: J-Ladd

2 Responses to “So, the G8 meeting WAS interesting”

  1. Flynn said

    See the video from which this still it taken here:

  2. Alan Moskowitz said

    In the video President is not looking at the girl’s butt. He is waiting for the woman behind him (Michelle I think)to join him so he can escort her.

    Morons will not want to see the truth. Butt there it is.

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