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Another fallen giant

Posted by Danny Morris on July 7, 2009

The volume of celebrity deaths in the past few weeks is becoming a bit disturbing. While the world is mourning the king of pop, another king has passed quietly and sadly. John Bachar was a veritible god in the world of rock climbing. For the past 30-some years, he has been dominating walls and routes that others thought were unclimbable, and doing it all without ropes. He died Sunday while free soloing in Mammoth Lakes, CA, doing what he loved, which is as much as any of us can hope for. Grist has posted a touching (though slightly overwrought) eulogy here. Below are a couple videos that, while cheesy, show the ridiculous skills this man possessed.

I realize this post doesn’t have anything to do with economics, and is tangentially related to the environment. The reason I included it is the following: we all have our motivations for engaging in this work. Mine are numerous, but a lifetime spent in nature pushing my body and mind through skiing, climbing, mountain biking, etc., drove me to environmental work and it’s what keeps me going. It’s been a tough year for luminaries in these sports, and this is my small way of remembering their achievements. Rest in peace, John.

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