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New Blog of the Month: Weathervane

Posted by Danny Morris on June 15, 2009

Take CT, add a few more decades of experience and study, keen insights from established experts in the world of climate and energy, a dash of nuance, and the intellectual backing of an institution like Resources for the Future, and what do you have? Well, my friends, you have a recipe for Weathervane, the recently resurrected RFF climate policy blog.

Weathervane was originally established in the late 1990s and quickly became a primary source for quality policy discussions on climate change and other environmental issues on Web 1.0. With the myriad sources of climate news out there, this new iteration is now looking to foment thoughtful and robust conversation and highlight the latest insights from RFF’s stable of scholars. If you want a mature perspective of the nexus of climate and economics, then Weathervane is the place to be. Check it out.

Full disclosure: Occasionally, we CTers may cross-post between our autonomous blog and Weathervane (see Andrew’s last post for an example). CT remains an independent blog that in no way represents the opinions of RFF.

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