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Climate change vs. your weekend

Posted by Danny Morris on April 29, 2009

On your list of things that climate change could possibly ruin, be sure to add weekends. If you read Env-Econ, which I presume a lot of you readers out there do, then you know than Tim scooped me on talking about my own climate change and recreation paper. That’s an illustration of why he and John are the big dogs and I’m still a wee pup. I’ll just add two quick points to what Tim already highlighted:

  1. Recreation resources are going to become more and more scarce due to climate change, but demand is likely going to continue to increase. More people are into outdoor sports than ever before and that’s probably not going to drop off anytime soon.
  2. Adaptation is key, but figuring out to implement strategies effectively, especially related to natural ecosystems is going to be a huge challenge.

National Parks are an excellent illustration of the challenges we’re already starting to face. Not only could they be canaries in the coalmine as far as major ecosystem shifts are concerned, but they also show how much federal agencies can struggle to deal with environmental issues under constrained resources. So, if you want to see a glacier in Glacier National Park, or even a Joshua tree in Joshua Tree National Park, you might want to make travel plans soon.

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