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What wouldn’t you be willing to give up?

Posted by jab12004 on April 24, 2009

This is a question that I think about frequently in the context of climate change.  Over the last few years I have become more conscious of my daily activities and their larger climate impacts.  I make sure to turn off the lights etc when I leave the house and have modified my daily life to be more climate conscious.  Most of these aren’t very difficult to remember, and take very few personal sacrifices. 

However, there are also things that I would not give up.  For example, I know that eating meat generates a lot of greenhouse gasses, but I do it anyways.  I also am a big fan of hockey in D.C. even though I know cooling down a 20,000 person arena to 60 degrees in late April is a huge waste of energy.  In the end, there are some things I just am not going to stop doing regardless of how much someone wags their finger at me. 

The truth is that everyone has their own set of preferences and their own list of things they wouldn’t give up.  So, I’m curious, what wouldn’t you give up?  I plan to come back to this topic with an actual intellectual lens at some point, but it is Friday, and I have a hockey game to go to.  

5 Responses to “What wouldn’t you be willing to give up?”

  1. Elspeth said

    Ah, a very appropriate tone for a Friday. I, personally, am an avid cook and although I try to use the toaster oven rather than the regular oven when the pan will fit, there are a lot of gadgets like mixers, blenders, food processors and the likes, that I’ll never give up. Hours of the lights on, water running, oven warm and gadgets whirling, they’re the things I just can’t give up. At least it means I’m cutting down on food from the store that was trucked in from miles and miles away, right?

  2. […] Josh Blonz asks, “What would you be willing to give up [to help the environment/reduce greenhouse emissions]?”  He says that knowing full well that meat production generates a lot of greenhouse gasses, that he will continue to eat meat.  With that simple statement Josh reflects the sentiment of most Americans (and a growing number of Indians, Chinese, etc.).  How then can WE make a difference? […]

  3. Jeff said

    Pew Social Trends offers an interesting look at what counts as a necessity for Americans today. A fair amount of change over the past three years suggests that maybe this stuff is fluid, and a function of the economic climate.

  4. Alex said

    I wouldn’t give up hockey games, either. Go Blackhawks!

  5. Carlos Ferreira said

    Good question. It’s always harder to look inside.

    Meat really is a good one, and though I am having less of it and trying vegetarian more often, I still enjoy a good beef.

    A nice, warm bath rates highly too…

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