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Parlez-vous Francais?

Posted by Danny Morris on April 21, 2009

Courtesy of Env-Econ:

Out of sheer paranoia, I like to know what others are saying about us.  From Rationalite Limitee (imagine those French accent thingies on the e’s):

j’espère que ceux qui ont passé hier l’épreuve d’économie de l’agrégation d’économie-gestion ont été des lecteurs assidus de blogs du genre Environmental Economics ou Common tragedies. Avec un sujet comme “Economie de marché et gestion des ressources naturelles”, c’était du tout cuit…

Not being French, here’s the Babel Fish translation:

I hope that those which passed yesterday the test of economy of the aggregation of economy-management were assiduous readers of blogs kind Environmental Economics or Common tragedies. With a subject like “Market economy and natural stock management”, it was cooked whole…

That clears it up.

For the record, it’s better to be complimented in French (sort of) than the alternative:

Also, for the record, the Azzuri flop like choking fish.

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