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Happy Earth Day

Posted by Danny Morris on April 21, 2009


Happy Earth Day, everyone. You should go out and celebrate. How? I recommend hugging a polar bear, because it’s really freaking cute and you might not be able to do it for much longer.


See? Really freaking cute. Have fun.

9 Responses to “Happy Earth Day”

  1. Carlos Ferreira said

    Wasn’t Earth Day about a month ago, in March, at the beginning of Spring? I remember reading about it…

  2. el macho grandissimo said

    I don’t get the wolf. Is he lunch?

  3. rob said

    no he is not lunch and it is not a wlf its a husky.if the bear is a threat for him he already attackt him. strenge frendship i think.

  4. anna said

    earth day is april 22nd. it’s my birthday, tooo

  5. Evalin said

    The picture is relating to this:

  6. amierah said

    EARTH day should be EVERYDAY!!!
    It’s the only Planet we have, it gives us life and sustains us and it is so very beautiful ~ and all we do in return is rape, plunder torture and destroy the very Planet – the only Planet we have.

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  8. […] (image credits:Interspecies Friends,Common Tragedies) […]

  9. ian said

    Thats a Great picture

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