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Earth Day Sale!

Posted by jab12004 on April 21, 2009

While this blog continues to have no official association with RFF, I can’t help but tell everyone about a good sale when I see one (or something like that).   I “found” this little tidbit of information from the RFF press. 

As part of an annual Earth Day sale, RFF Press is offering the opportunity to purchase books at a 40% discount.  Our publications represent some of the leading scholarship on natural resources and the environment.  This year’s sale covers all published books, including works on land and water resource management, forestry, environmental economics, international development, human ecology, and environmental law.  

We invite you to explore our catalog at  Happy Earth Day!

So, grab a good book this earth day, head outside and enjoy the nice weather.  I know I will.  

One Response to “Earth Day Sale!”

  1. Jimmy said

    You can also celebrate earth day with free carbon offsets:

    That should bring a smile to your face!

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