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Little guy takes big step

Posted by Danny Morris on April 6, 2009

This could be construed as a shameless plug, but I felt a strong twinge of pride this morning when Environmental Capital told me that Southwest Windpower (a former employer of yours truly) received $10 million in funding from GE, Altria, and Chevron to continue producing their Skystream 3.7 and other fine residential wind turbines. SWWP has been constructing small-scale wind turbines for about 20 years and is one of the leaders in the world of small wind. Perhaps their success is due in part to the accounting assistant they generously employed from 2004-2005 while he was finishing his undergrad studies at Northern Arizona University.

Perhaps not.

Almost certainly not. In fact, I owe SWWP much more than I can ever repay. Not only did they help fund a senior year’s worth of revelry, but they also supplied me with what continues to be one of the most fashionable t-shirts I owe. See below.


Word up, Southwest Windpower. Keep fighting the good fight.

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