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Posted by jab12004 on March 27, 2009

Now I don’t really consider myself “crunchy” at all, but I thought I would just bring to everyone’s attention that saturday the 28th from 8:30-9:30 (local time) is earth hour.  Basically people are asked to turn off their lights and any other nonessential electronic equipment for that hour.  

You can read about it here 

I’m not sure how I feel about such events in general.  I think it is really interesting to think about just how reliant we are on electricity all the time.  However, the statement on the web site saying  “Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming,” really kind of annoys me and I think is a bit insulting.   I’m against global warming, but what if I wanted to keep my lights on? I could go on for a while why I think that is a stupid idea, but it’s friday and I’m tired.  

In the end I plan to try it out, but I’m mostly just going to shape my night around it by having friends over for drinks in the dark.  What are you going to do?

3 Responses to “Earth Hour”

  1. kevin said

    At my house we have semi-regular “no electricity” days. We turn off the breaker.

    Of course, we are still working on having them on the days we have dictated ahead of time – and sometimes we cheat a bit (OK, we cheat a lot).

    For us it is less a “vote for the earth” than a vote for our sanity, and an excuse to spend time painting, writing, making l… er…lampshades… It started from “no comupter” days and grew. Granted, the fridge would be a problem for most people, but we we are lucky enough to have a cold enough climate in the winter, and enough fresh food on hand in the summer that we do not even use a fridge, and everything tastes so much better cooked over the fire stove than with a microwave…

    As for what will I be doing this day… I guess I can turn off my lights – because my computer screen is still visible in the dark. In my case, because my work is so vitaly important to the survival of a village, and possibly the WORLD, a vote for turning off the computer is a vote for doomsday! I think I will abstain from the election this time – or maybe use my absentee ballot by not using electricity on some other day.

  2. Phill said

    Personally, I didn’t join in. I always switch off unneccessary lights but I leave the ones on that will prevent my kids falling down the stairs, or me spilling something hot.

    For people who wouldn’t normally do this, though, it’s a laudable idea. I wonder if it made any difference to demand? I hope it at least made some small (but probably immeasurable) difference to awareness though.


  3. Maya said

    It’s not a stupid idea, Josh. For many, it’s empowering. A chance to make a statement, to “vote”. Remember, not everyone’s so fortunate as to get to work to save the world all day.
    More importantly, I’m pretty sure it raised awareness:

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