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Passing the torch

Posted by Danny Morris on March 26, 2009

Hey readers,

So, anything new happening with you? Not much going on here at CT, except that within six weeks we’ve lost the mighty brain trust that built this blog from the ground up. As a result, you may have noticed a drop in the volume of posts. The new management (Josh and Danny) wants you to know that we are not going anywhere. CT will continue to be an outlet for young, starry-eyed environmental economists to post their thoughts and observations and foment discussions with far more learned individuals floating around the blogosphere. We’re currently recruiting some new blood to provide some different perspectives from outside the beltway, as well as gearing up to provide more of our own brand of irreverent commentary, so you might notice a few changes over the next couple weeks.

Additionally, let’s us reiterate that this blog does not represent the views of RFF in any way. In fact, despite the fact that Josh and I work here, this blog continues to have no association with RFF. This might be made even more obvious by the fact that many of our (potential) new contributors do not even work here. While some of us might occasionally post about papers we are working on here at RFF, the opinions we express here are ours alone, so let’s not pretend like we’re making any grand statements of organizational purpose or philosophy. We’re a bunch of (kind of) smart kids with a cool blog that we hope you’ll keep reading. If you have any thoughts, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll see you on the blogging pages.

P.S. This a formal announcement that we intend to retire the number 16. No other author of this blog will be allowed to wear the number again. There will be an official retirement ceremony soon.

2 Responses to “Passing the torch”

  1. Carlos Ferreira said

    I guess it’s probably tough on you, but keep up. CT’s been one of the best blogs on environmental economics, on par with env-encon, and it’s a big burden. But I’m glad someone’s picking up.

    The rep CT has built up is both a pro and a con: there’s a lot of audience, but it expects the show to be good. So, just roll it and the flaming comments won’t be long.😉

  2. Danny Morris said

    Thanks for the support. We’re going to do our best. Needless to say, it might be a little while before we get the WSJ fired up, but we’ll do our best. Glad to see we have a couple reliable firestarters in the readership.

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