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CT better retire my number*

Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on March 24, 2009

Rich’s decision to end his time at CT got me thinking about my future as well.   I’m also trying to decide on a grad program, wrap up my projects at RFF, re-learn a bunch of math, and enjoy my last months in DC.  My posts have already been sporadic for the past several months; in light of the upcoming changes in my life, I can’t see blogging leaping to the head of my priority list.

So I think it’s time for me to go as well.  It’s been a great run, and the blog has helped me organize my thoughts while fostering a false sense of intellectual superiority and importance.  It’s been a good opportunity to thoroughly explore the universe of topics within energy and environmental economics and policy.  It’ll be valuable (and probably embarrassing) to have a record of my thoughts from this stage in my life.  I’ve really enjoyed the discussions, jokes, and links that have been shared here and on other blogs.

As the last original CTer standing, I hope I’m not turning out the lights (Josh and Danny will have to decide what they want to do), but if so, that’s the nature of the internet.  2 years is honestly quite a run for someone with a 10 second internet attention span.   Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s contributed to this blog, and thanks especially to Rich and Daniel for joining me in spawning this ridiculous endeavor.

* It’s 16.

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