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el Disclaimer

Posted by Rich Sweeney on March 16, 2009

It’s been a big couple of weeks on CT, and we’ve had a lot of new readers. So I want to take this opportunity to re-emphasize the disclaimer you see on the lower left-hand corner of the blog. While Common Tragedies was started by a couple of research assistants at Resources for the Future, it is in no way intended to represent the opinions of RFF. In fact, RFF has no institutional opinions, and prides itself on being an independent collection of academic researchers. Moreover, this blog isn’t about serious research or formal academic debate. It’s what we do for fun (yeah, we’re nerds). We ungrammatically call people idiots (past winners include Dubai and the RFA) and use German food policy as an excuse to include pictures of cows with flaming flatulence. We (I) say “yo” a lot. In other words, we act like 20-something bloggers. RFF is obviously a much more serious institution, and occupies a more formal role in the policy arena.

Actually now’s probably a good time to let eveyone know that CT might soon be disbanding. Evan, Erica and I were all fortunate enough to get into really great graduate schools, and will spend at least the next year thinking about nothing but Mas-Colell. I’m hoping that some of the other RAs will help Danny to keep CT going but there haven’t been too many takers yet. Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “el Disclaimer”

  1. Mike said

    RAs that don’t want to pick up the CT torch?

    What are they, a bunch of idiots?

  2. Tim said

    As I said over at Env-Econ as we gloated that our plan fr world dominance is finally taking shape…

    “Evan, Erica and I were all fortunate enough to get into really great graduate schools,” That’s funny, I don;t remember seeing your applications.

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