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Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on March 9, 2009

Some of our colleagues at RFF who study antibiotic resistance using an economic framework now have an official blog for their project, Extending the Cure.

From ETC research assistant (and blogger) Maya Sequeira:

Extending the Cure recently launched a blog. The project, ETC for short, is housed here at RFF and frames the growing problem of antibiotic resistance as a challenge in managing a shared societal resource. The inaugural report of Extending the Cure provides an objective evaluation of a number of policies to encourage patients, health care providers, and managed care organizations to make better use of existing antibiotics and to give pharmaceutical firms greater incentives to both develop new antibiotics and care about resistance to existing drugs. It sets the stage for continued research in the form of technical papers and policy briefs to prevent the impending health crisis of widespread antibiotic resistance. The blog will cover issues from global health to antibiotic production and prescribing to strategies to address collective action dilemmas more generally.

You should check it out; it presents a good variety of analyses looking at resistance in an economic framework.

For an earlier CT post outlining discussing resistance, see this one by Sarah Darley.

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