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Stavins weighs in on “the Stavins quote”

Posted by Rich Sweeney on March 8, 2009

And clarifies his apprehension about killing two birds with one stone much more calmly than Tim or I did:

Whether trying to kill two birds with one stone makes sense depends upon the proximity of the birds, the weapon being used, and the accuracy of the stoner.  In the real world of important policy challenges — such as environmental degradation and economic recession — these are empirical questions and need to be examined case by case, which was my point in the brief quote.

Go read the full post here, along with Michael Levi’s Slate piece.

H/T to Environmental Econ*

(I’m not sure why I feel compelled to repost links that John and Tim put up, as there are probably zero people out there who read CT but not Env Econ. Oh well.)

One Response to “Stavins weighs in on “the Stavins quote””

  1. Rich,

    More links raises the importance of the issue to non-economists!
    Ignore it at env-econ but see it at CT … hmmm … maybe I’ll check it out. and vice versa.

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