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Posted by Danny Morris on February 26, 2009

Rep. Joe Barton’s (R-TX) reaction to President Obama including revenue from a  cap-and-trade system in his budget proposal:

“If you put something on industry that is non-economic, and it drives industry out of the United States and costs jobs, over time it’s going to be a revenue loss,” Barton said. “Only in a static analysis can you get a revenue stream like they’re talking about by cap and trade.”

Everyone got that? Non-economic things + industry leaving USA + loss of jobs = revenue loss. I’m looking forward to the reasonable and well though-out debate that will accompany climate change legislation this year…

One Response to “Strong economic reasoning”

  1. Carlos Ferreira said

    Congress is certainly going to hurt this one, isn’t it? He’s talking about the benefits of maintaining status quo, not the costs from maintaining it. You’re right, it’s a promising debate.

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