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More evidenceless econ bashing

Posted by Rich Sweeney on February 19, 2009

David Roberts doesn’t like Daniel’s new office. While he admits that he doesn’t really know what the office does, his “gut” tells him that it can’t be good becuase the staff consists of “mainstream” economists (aka jerkoffs). These mainstream economists pose a grave threat to humanity, partly because “they tend to understate the cost of inaction, overstate the cost of action, [and] rely too heavily on models that account poorly for efficiency and innovation.” Fortunately a prescient cohort of superintellects headed up by Joe Romm have calculated the true costs of climate action and inaction, and mapped out the optimal sequence of investment and innovation, which they will reveal to the world at some point in the very near future, making all the mainstream economists look like IDIOTS. Don’t get too comfortable Daniel!

2 Responses to “More evidenceless econ bashing”

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