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All rankings are wrong, but some are useful*

Posted by Daniel Hall on February 2, 2009

And others… well, not so much.

This is so absurd — putting CT ahead of Environmental Economics in any ranking would only be credible if the relevant metric was the inability to show up on time for even the most basic events — that it would be funny, if only it didn’t feel like the Wikio creators were actually out to publicly humiliate the lazy proprietors of this site.  I’ll note that we are not only ahead of Env-Econ, but also venerable econ blogger YouNotSneaky!, who could drink an entire bottle of stupid and still be smarter than me on one of my best days.

The internets, they are a mystery to me.

*Apologies to George E. P. Box for the title.

2 Responses to “All rankings are wrong, but some are useful*”

  1. Those two links should help our Wikio rankings!

  2. Evan Herrnstadt said

    Pretty sure our ranking shot up last month because of the car-on-fire post that got linked by dcist.

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