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Google does it again

Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on January 14, 2009

This is not really related to energy or the environment, but I am a blogger and dammit I’m going to post cool stuff.  Last night my roommate tipped me off to the fact that Google has begun answering questions:


Then today, I google mapped my office building, and Gmaps gave me a big list of organizations that reside at this address:


Google will eventually own all of civilization.

One Response to “Google does it again”

  1. clotworthy said

    Evan, was shut down a couple years ago, though the archives is still there. ( lives though.) For the last few years, Google *has* been sending queries from their core search engine over to their subsidiary search engines — news and maps in the case of your examples; results from shopping, images and books will display on the results page too if they are considered highly relevant. This is called Universal Search. Yahoo, and Live do it too last time I checked. It’s to optimize traffic on these sites,to encourage you to spend money and increase user satisfaction — which I guess has worked in your case. — Chris

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