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Maybe Carol Browner should dust off an old Atari 2600

Posted by Daniel Hall on December 18, 2008

In the beginning, Energy Czar can be frustrating. A newcomer to the program may often lose without understanding why.

The source is here.  The pointer is from Mike Giberson of Knowledge Problem, now ensconced over in fancy new digs at WP.

Update: I get pwned by Mike in the comments. You do know what that means, right Mike?

5 Responses to “Maybe Carol Browner should dust off an old Atari 2600”

  1. Kids these days don’t know their history.

    “Energy Czar” was not a game for the the Atari 2600 game console, but rather the Atari 400/800 home computer. Also, you had to have the BASIC computer language cartridge for your Atari computer and, because the program came on a cassette tape, you needed the “Atari 410 Program Recorder.”

    You do know what a cassette tape it, right?

    Some history for ya:

    Also, check out this catalog advertisement for “Energy Czar” which invites you to “become a national hero!”:

  2. […] Common Tragedies Daniel Hall links to my post on reading recommendations for the Car Czar which mentions the Atari simulation game […]

  3. Daniel Hall said

    This is what I get for doing my background research in 30 seconds on Wikipedia. Well, that, and the fact that I was still cutting teeth when Energy Czar appeared.

    And actually, Mike, as a former owner of an Atari 800XL, I do indeed know what a cassette tape is. Sounds like I should have offered to let Carol root around in my parents’ attic until she found the old system.

  4. odograph said

    That atari page rocks. Those were the days. (From the copyright, 1982. I was rockin’ the monochrome CP/M at that point … oh, and hitting the arcade most days at lunch.)

  5. Chris Crawford said

    I suggest that my later game, Balance of the Planet, published in 1990, might be more rewarding.

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