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Buzzworthy biodiesel news

Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on December 15, 2008

Science Daily reports that scientists have begun using spent coffee grounds to make biodiesel:

In the new study, Mano Misra, Susanta Mohapatra, and Narasimharao Kondamudi note that the major barrier to wider use of biodiesel fuel is lack of a low-cost, high quality source, or feedstock, for producing that new energy source. Spent coffee grounds contain between 11 and 20 percent oil by weight. That’s about as much as traditional biodiesel feedstocks such as rapeseed, palm, and soybean oil…The scientists estimated, however, that spent coffee grounds can potentially add 340 million gallons of biodiesel to the world’s fuel supply.

Obviously we’re still going to have to make some serious changes and luck into some currently unknowable innovations to really transform the transportation sector, but every additional silver BB helps.  A new way to turn waste into fuel is always a welcome development in my mind.

The best part?  The fuel actually smells like coffee.

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