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im in ur city, drinking ur b00z

Posted by Daniel Hall on November 20, 2008

The Environmental Economics guys are invading DC!  First, John is presenting over at the EPA today, and then Tim and John will be at the AERE sessions of the Southern Economic Association meetings that run from Friday to Sunday.

But all that pales in comparison to the main event:

Per previous arrangements, we’ll see everyone for the #2 ranked social event of the Southern Economic Association meetings (ranked right behind the UK cocktail party):

Where: The Big Hunt
When: Saturday, November 22
Time: +/- 4 pm (OSU vs UM runs to 3:30 or so) to +/- 6 pm (UK cocktail party begins at 6 pm)

Evan, Rich, and I will be at Big Hunt at 4 pm ready to get our drink on with the godfathers of environmental economics blogging.

And John should add one more event to his already-full Saturday social calendar: the These United States show at the Black Cat on Saturday night.  Based on his revealed and stated preferences I think he will really like these guys.  Right now they are the best thing in the DC local music scene.

Update: By the way, doesn’t look like the Big Hunt opens until 4 pm on Saturdays so you might want to make sure that you err on the + side of 4 pm.

One Response to “im in ur city, drinking ur b00z”

  1. Dan,

    Just ran across this post in my Google Reader. “Better late than never” doesn’t work here. Sorry we missed you guys!

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