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I voted

Posted by Daniel Hall on November 5, 2008

I went to vote after work today.  There was rain in Washington most of this afternoon and into the early evening.  I walked over to the school that was my neighborhood polling station with my umbrella.

I live in Brookland, a neighborhood mostly composed of African American families.  At 11 pm Eastern, when the polls closed in California and the networks declared the election for Obama, I wandered out onto my front porch with a couple friends.  In the distance I could hear a car horn going off, and someone was shooting off fireworks a couple blocks over.  The rain had stopped.  My neighbor across the street and a couple doors down emerged onto her porch.  She unfurled an American flag and hung it on a column of her porch.  My friends and I broke into cheering and clapping; my neighbor waved back and joined in.

One Response to “I voted”

  1. Kara said

    Succint, yet incredibly poignant. Please save this entry for review in 10 years when you are drafting your masterpiece.🙂

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