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GOP energy policy sentence of the day

Posted by Rich Sweeney on October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin went to a solar plant in Ohio to talk about oil today.

Via Keith Johnson.

We shouldn’t doubt the Governor in this department though. She gets her energy policy advice directly from God.

3 Responses to “GOP energy policy sentence of the day”

  1. JT said

    You guys are better than this.

    1) You are citing the Huffington Post? Really? Where do you get your economics — from the Daily Worker?

    2) This quote about Palin praying has been mangled and debunked many times. The full quote says that she is praying that they we doing the right thing in Iraq, not that prayer told her that we are doing the right thing. It is a prayer for guidance not a statement.

    3) This sentence is clearly a snide sentence written by an unfriendly reporter. At the event, she spoke about the whole of the energy policy, which includes both solar and oil.

    Have you really gotten so petty that this post is what now passes for thoughtfulness?

  2. Rich Sweeney said

    ha. i’d hardly call the wsj unfriendly to the mccain/ palin campaign. however, this was written before the governor explained that criticizing her violated her first amendment rights. i guess we’re all part of the anti-american elite media now….

    and who said this post was supposed to be thoughtful? currently, the right’s energy platform consists of the demonstrably deficient “drill, baby, drill” and bs platitudes about ingenuity. on the left al gore is telling us we can get 100% of our electricity from renewables in the next 10 years. thoughtfulness is long gone dude, and absurd looks here to stay. i suggest you lighten up.

  3. JT said

    Forgive me for looking for thoughtfulness at this blog. Won’t make the mistake again.

    There is enough pettiness and childishness in politics already. Why add more?


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