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Posted by Rich Sweeney on October 16, 2008

McCain last night:

We can eliminate our dependence on foreign oil by building 45 new nuclear plants, power plants, right away. We can store and we can reprocess.

Sen. Obama will tell you, in the — as the extreme environmentalists do, it has to be safe.

Look, we’ve sailed Navy ships around the world for 60 years with nuclear power plants on them. We can store and reprocess spent nuclear fuel, Sen. Obama, no problem.

One Response to “nonsense”

  1. Racer X said

    Where to begin?
    1) Can we “eliminate our dependence on foreign oil” “right away”? By doing anything? No.
    2) Can we substitute nuclear power for oil anytime soon? Nope. Plug-in hybrids would allow a shift, but nothing of that size and certainly no time soon.
    3) “We can store and we can reprocess”? What’s this WE stuff? Is he volunteering to store the nuclear waste in AZ? He’s got a lot of land, maybe he would like to keep some of it out back of one of his many homes, but of course then he loses AZ BIG TIME.

    The man is dangerously nuts. Luckily everyone knows that.

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