Common Tragedies

Thoughts on Environmental Economics

Monday morning links

Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on October 6, 2008

Wontcha just ease back into that work week, doggone it!

  1. Tim Haab points out one good rider on the financial bailout: the renewable energy tax credit was (finally) re-upped.
  2. Mankiw links to an NYTimes review of Goldin and Katz’s new book on education and technology.  Seems to give an overview of skill-biased economic growth, and addresses ways that our educational system has not kept pace with the demands of technological progress.  Looks like a good primer on some very important questions in labor economics.
  3. The Oil Drum explores the links between energy and the financial crisis.  There are a couple links in there, a few open-ended discussion questions, and basically an open thread.

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