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Posted by Rich Sweeney on July 16, 2008

1. How huge is a “huge chunk”? In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Barack Obama said that he would rebate a “huge chunk” of carbon auction revenue back to taxpayers. I heard this through Peter Barnes’ cap and dividend website. For previous commentary on cap and dividend see here and here.

2. What the hell does T. Boone Pickens want? I’m sure you’ve all seen his new wind commercial:

Am I the only person who finds this ad creepy? He doesn’t even ask for anything. Does he want subsidies for the 4 GW worth of wind turbines he just bought? Also, what’s with the “I’m T. Boone and this is my ad” moment at the end?

3. This sounds familiar. Finally, I started reading Rabbit is Rich last night and here’s how the book, which is set in the 1970s, opens,

Running out of gas, Rabbit Angstrom thinks as he stands behind the summer-dusty windows of the Springer Motors display room watching the traffic go by on Route 111, traffic somehow thin and scared compared to what it used to be. The fucking world is running out of gas.

One Response to “Random ish”

  1. Re: “This sounds familiar”

    Coincidently, yesterday while packing up a bookshelf I picked up a copy of “Energy in America’s Future,” an RFF book published in 1979. (I acquired it as an assigned text for a natural resource economics class back in the 1980s.) The introduction talks about a lack of understanding of basic energy facts and a lack of consensus over energy policy goals.

    The more I read, the more I thought, “this sounds familiar.”

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