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Health break

Posted by Daniel Hall on July 9, 2008

I am headed to Canadia this morning for a couple days of meetings.  It will be my first time there. Glancing at the agenda I noticed that the 15-minute intervals between sessions are referred to as “health breaks”.  Two comments:

1. I think this is a really great name, but…

2. This is not doing much to reform my stereotypes about quaint, twee, friendly Canadans.

2 Responses to “Health break”

  1. Evan said

    I think all the unrefined and unpleasant Canadians have emigrated… or live in Quebec.

  2. Ian Angus said

    It was at least 20 years ago that I first heard these occasions referred to as “bio breaks.” The speaker was an IBM executive, who was friendly but definitely not quaint or twee. That isn’t to say that we Canadians aren’t twee huggers, of course.

    Riddle: How do you get 60 Canadians out of a swimming pool?
    Answer: You say, “Please get out of the pool.”

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