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I’ve decided CT needs more soccer commentary

Posted by Rich Sweeney on July 3, 2008

Actually I just really want to share this ridiculous video with yall. Newcastle just made Jonas Gutierrez their first big summer signing. As far as I can tell, Gutierrez’s only current claim to fame is that he has arguably the dumbest goal celebration ever. See for yourself.

Yup. That was a Spiderman mask. Anyone got any other celebrations worse than that? How many CT readers follow football?

2 Responses to “I’ve decided CT needs more soccer commentary”

  1. Seriously, what was that? That was pretty ridiculous. Now if he had climbed up a wall or cast a spider web from his palms, that would have been cool.
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  2. Scott S. said

    I hope Joe Horn sees what he’s done and weeps for humanity. One day they’ll say, “it all started with a phone call.”

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