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Link from this week’s Economics Focus

Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on June 26, 2008

This week the Economist‘s Economics focus column addressed competitiveness concerns in the context of carbon mitigation. The article cited a paper from RFF and if, like me, you did not notice the sidebar titled “Websites”, you might not know where to find the relevant article. So here’s a link to that work from the RFF report “Assessing U.S. Climate Policy Options” by Morgenstern, Aldy, Herrnstadt, Ho, and Pizer. If you’re interested, check out Dick Morgenstern’s other issue brief on related policy options here.

The link for the broader report, which I imagine Daniel will consider to be the eldest sibling of his future human children, is here.

Note: as the RA that worked on the Pew paper cited by the column, I’d like to point out that it’s humbling to have a year of your life summed up in one sentence.

One Response to “Link from this week’s Economics Focus”

  1. Daniel Hall said

    The phrase “future human children” reminds me of Monday’s xkcd. Note the alt-text: “I bet my future kids will read this someday. DEAR FUTURE KIDS: how did you get internet in the cellar?”

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