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Dude, where’s my cow?

Posted by Rich Sweeney on June 9, 2008

This week’s Economist has a good article on the recent surge in deforestation in Brasil. I wanted to point out two things. First, the blurb in the world this week section says, “After three years during which it slowed down, deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is rising again, according to government figures. Carlos Minc, the newly appointed environment minister, said the government would impound cattle grazing on illegally cleared pasture.” For some reason impounding cattle just sounds ridiculous. Although I guess you can’t simply put the boot on them.

Also, if you click on the article above, you’ll see this picture, which is pretty amazing.

From the article: “Brazil’s Indian agency released aerial pictures of painted men with bows and arrows who have had little or no contact with modern civilisation.” Can you imagine trying to explain climate change to these men?

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