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Posted by Rich Sweeney on May 27, 2008

Nation’s Urban Centers Ranked for Carbon Footprint

Report Released This Thursday, 5/29

For the first time, the nation’s 100 largest metro areas are ranked for the size of their carbon footprints in a new report to be released this Thursday, May 29th by the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program.

An AUDIO NEWS CONFERENCE will take place with the report authors to discuss findings and policy recommendations:

WHEN: Wednesday, May 28, 1:00 PM EDT

DIAL-IN: 877-795-3647

“Shrinking the Carbon Footprint of Metropolitan America” provides extensive analysis and surprising conclusions on

· The dramatic variations in the carbon footprints of our large urban centers

· Regional comparisons – which regions are shrinking their footprints and which are growing theirs

· The per capita size of the carbon footprint of an urban dweller vs. a non-urban dweller

· What factors determine the size of a carbon footprint – residential buildings, cars, development patterns, rail transit, freight traffic, weather, electricity sources, and electricity prices

The report offers recommendations on how the federal government should step up its support of metropolitan efforts to shrink their carbon footprints.

If you would like to receive embargoed materials or interview the authors, please contact Carrie Collins at 301-664-9000 x18 or or Vanessa Bilanceri at 202-244-0121 or .

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