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Your mileage may vary

Posted by Daniel Hall on April 29, 2008

From the inbox:

A new website, maintained by EPA and the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is probably of interest to everyone here. It’s one stop shopping for information otherwise available in various EIA, EPA and news sources.

An entire section is devoted to gas prices. Besides gas mileage tips, it gives fuel economy information for new and used cars and light trucks back to 1985. It also provides links to sites showing the cheapest gas in your area. It has historical gas price information and helps you compare gas prices in your area with other areas.  It also has information on tax incentives for purchasing hybrid, alternative fuel and electric vehicles.

There’s also an interactive component: you can report your the mileage for your own vehicle and see how it compares to the mileage others are getting. And you can get a detailed Energy Impact Score for a vehicle showing average mileage, petroleum consumption, pollution tally and safety information. You can also compares data on up to four vehicles.

H/T: Chris Clotworthy, RFF librarian

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