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Underserved markets

Posted by Daniel Hall on April 24, 2008

Or is it now an overserved market?

For the convenience of our bicycling fans, Nationals Park offers a FREE bike valet located in Red Garage C at the corner of N & 1st Street, SE. Access to the valet is on N Street just left of the entrance.

I am very curious about how much this service is used so far. And who do they get to serve as bike valets? Might they start offering a service where you can you get your chain oiled and brake pads aligned during the game?

I am going to my first game at Nationals Park today but I don’t think I’ll be riding my bike. The problem is that I don’t really want to ride home in the dark. I suppose I could take my bike home on Metro but I am pretty sure this is not a great way to make friends with the 15,000 other people who will all be jostling for Metro space after the game ends.

But someday I am using this service — Saturday afternoon game anyone? — at least if it doesn’t disappear first.

2 Responses to “Underserved markets”

  1. B Madsen said

    Served! Just used the bike valet at yesterday night’s game. It was about half full by the end of the game. The valets are nice guys, but there is no bike servicing. As for riding home… get yourself some lights and don’t worry. There’s little traffic after the game and we passed 4 bike cops in the neighborhood. It’s a sweet deal.

  2. Daniel Hall said

    So I am curious, B Mad, what do you see as the advantage of using the bike valet?

    The big advantage I could imagine was if they have a bike storage area with personnel so you don’t have to worry about stuff attached to you bike that might get stolen at a regular bike rack, e.g., being able to leave your helmet or lights just sitting on the bike rather than having to carry them into the stadium. Is this the way it works?

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