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Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on April 23, 2008

Not that I disagree, Tim:

The inevitability of spring. Flowers bloom. Thunderstorms roll. I sneeze. Gas prices rise. And politicians think they should do something about it.

“House Republican leaders on Tuesday challenged Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to release a plan to lower gas prices that they say Democrats touted when they were in the minority.”

Instead of rewriting past posts, I’m going to just cut and paste my post from May 17 of last year below(one of my better, if I do say so myself). That post draws on the same ideas from a post in April/May 2006. Noticing a pattern? While the legislative proposals are different, the analysis is the same. All politicians are idiots.

This on the heels of John McCain’s gas tax holiday plan? To quote Charlie Brown, “AAAAARRRRRRGH!”

Update:  From Tim’s post, I think this is a superbly clear explanation of gas prices:

High gas prices might be uncomfortable while we search for viable long-term solutions, but they’re more comfortable than the alternative:  no gas and no solutions.

One Response to “Categorical statement of the day”

  1. Maya said

    Forgive my math, I think gas is $8.40 per gallon here right now in Sweden. All time high. Even though I do live on the countryside and am very dependent on the car I think it’s still too cheap. Not to talk about you (US) prices…
    I mean car drivers must pay – the environmental cost as well.

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