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Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on April 15, 2008

Joseph Romm wrote a good basic overview of concentrated solar power (CSP) at Salon under the grandiose title “The technology that will save humanity.” For the aspiring engineer, Romm also links to a far more technical website at NREL.

H/T: MyDD.

Update: The NYT also ran a nice piece. Key quote:

Heat, unlike electric current, is something that industry knows how to store cost-effectively. For example, a coffee thermos and a laptop computer’s battery store about the same amount of energy, said John S. O’Donnell, executive vice president of a company in the solar thermal business, Ausra. The thermos costs about $5 and the laptop battery $150, he said, and “that’s why solar thermal is going to be the dominant form.”

Update #2:  Icantbeliveiliveintexas, an engineer, explains why the above quote is misleading.

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