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The Green Monster just got greener

Posted by Rich Sweeney on April 10, 2008

I used to think there wasn’t anything I’d change about Fenway Park, but this is pretty sweet.

The green at Fenway Park will no longer be limited to the cushiony grass, historic rafters, and 37-foot high wall in left field. Enough solar panels are being installed on the roof to heat a third of the hot water needed at the 96-year-old ballpark.

City and federal officials trumpeted the environmental upgrade at Boston’s most celebrated home yesterday to highlight a $600,000 initiative to increase the city’s solar energy output 50-fold by 2015.

H/T to Environmental Capital (which I typically read before I hit the Globe sports section🙂 )

One Response to “The Green Monster just got greener”

  1. Brad said

    I hate to be a naysayer (because that is pretty cool, and I think it’s really important that public and high profile buildings go green), but this seems a little absurd:

    a $600,000 initiative to increase the city’s solar energy output 50-fold by 2015

    $600k for a seven year initiative? That’s roughly what a typical Red Sox relief pitcher makes in a single year, and they’re the cheapest guys on the roster. $600k over seven years is barely enough to pay for three full-time research assistants, working out of their homes… how’s that really going to impact the climate or the oil industry?

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