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Posted by Daniel Hall on April 1, 2008

Regular readers of this blog now have a general sense of what my posting habits are like in a month in which I spend a quarter of the month on vacation, two of my best friends get married, my hard drive fails, I look for new housing, and my alma mater makes a deep run in the NCAA tournament.

I don’t know if that’s an excuse or an apology, or perhaps just an acknowledgment that real life is going to distract me from this blog sometimes. But hopefully a more regular posting schedule commences today. I actually still have a housing search to conduct and a computer to nurse back to full health, but there are no weddings this month, no vacation time, and the ridiculously talented Memphis Tigers have dimmed my basketball fever.

Speaking of basketball, though, Tim Haab calls me out for making such vanilla Final Four picks in the EnvEcon tournament pool. Presumably by “vanilla” he means “correct”. The upshot is he’s slightly ahead right now but if the UCLA Bruins beat Memphis on Saturday then I beat Tim and John in their own pool. I just became a Bruins fan! Not that this is much to brag about since Tim and I are both pretty far off the lead, but I’ll take it.*

Anyway, while I was “away” we’ve had a new blogger join us, Erica Myers. Welcome Erica! She’s got some background in experimental economics, which is an exciting addition to our collective perspective.

Coming your way this month I think we should have a couple of interesting book reviews, plus I attended a couple events last month that I want to post thoughts on.

Before I go I’ll put in plugs for two upcoming events at RFF, both next week. Wednesday April 9 there will be a “First Wednesday” event on curbing electricity demand, looking specifically at Maryland’s Strategic Energy Plan. Then on Thursday April 10 Matt Kotchen will be here presenting his paper that shows daylight saving time increases energy use.  Please join us for either — or both! — events.

*We’re not even going to mention fellow environmental economics blogger Mike Giberson of Knowledge Problem, who’s whipping our butts, let alone the bloggers at the far front of the pack, Jim Casey and James Hamilton.

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