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Where I am this morning

Posted by Daniel Hall on March 19, 2008

I’m at an RFF event on “Managing Costs in a U.S. GHG Trading Program” today. I am particularly looking forward to the second panel, which is going to discuss the role of an independent board — a.k.a. the “Climate Fed” — that would oversee and manage the allowance market (as proposed in the Lieberman-Warner cap-and-trade bill).

Even if you’re not in Washington, DC, however, you can watch today’s event! Follow the link above to the RFF website, where for the first time ever we will be webcasting an event live online. It starts at around 8:30 am EDT.

If you look really closely you might even be able to see me. I think I’m going to be that guy up on the front row who flashes a sign at the presenters that lets them know they have “5 minutes left”. This is the kind of invaluable analysis and insight the Research Assistants here at RFF contribute every day.

2 Responses to “Where I am this morning”

  1. I was there and would have liked to say hello in person. Had I only remembered to check Common Tragedies at the start of my day, I would have known where to look.

    Maybe I’ll make it to the electric power event coming in a couple of weeks, and remember to check CT before I rush out the door in the morning in case you leave clues as to where to look.

  2. Billy Pizer said

    To be fair, we Senior Fellow at RFF often use our tremendous experience and large brains, to flip time reminders, too. Daniel was also in the front row because he is probably one of the leading folks in the country (certainly RFF) on differences between the competing Congressional climate proposals. Modest guy.

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