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Let’s make waves in Tim and John’s (tournament) pool

Posted by Daniel Hall on March 17, 2008

The EnvEcon guys have decided to run their own NCAA tournament pool over at their blog. Given the emerging rivalry between our domains, we here at CT are going to jump in and try to make a mess.

Here’s the deal: Head over to the EnvEcon post and sign up to their group. When you create your bracket change the name of your entry (under “Edit Entry Settings”) to include “CT” in the name of your entry. You’ll see, for example, that my entry is currently named “DHall(CT) The new rivalry”.*

Tim and John are currently promising “a free ‘Drive Less!’ bumper sticker and bragging rights over John” for the winner. We don’t have any cool gear yet, but if a CT reader wins we’ll give you props here on the blog, plus promise you a future Common Tragedies shirt or hat should they come to exist.

*That last bit is subject to change over the next few weeks, e.g., “EnvEcon gets pwned”, “OSU=NIT”, etc. Further suggestions welcome.

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