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ClimateWire launches on Monday

Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on March 7, 2008

Energy & Environment (E&E) Publishing has announced that on Monday they will begin issuing ClimateWire, a news digest dedicated to climate change and related topics. I’m really excited about this as Greenwire and E&E Daily are two of my favorite sources for environment and energy news. E&E is especially good at keeping up with legislative developments.

Unfortunately, it is a subscription service (for which my employer happens to foot the bill), so it might not be feasible for everyone. Still, I’m looking forward to having a go-to digest dedicated to climate news.

The description from the email:

ClimateWire will launch March 10 and is designed to provide top-tier coverage of national and global climate issues. Areas of focus will include U.S. state programs, U.S. federal legislation, the development of a post-Kyoto climate regime, Kyoto protocol implementation issues, natural resource effects from a changing climate and how corporations are adapting to a greenhouse gas constrained world. Other issues ClimateWire will tackle include: alternative energy finance, research and deployment; U.S. federal agency programs, and the science of climate change.

I think it’s the clinching sign that you’re a nerdy wonk when this sort of thing makes your day.

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