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Posted by Daniel Hall on February 22, 2008

Caught by a fit of Friday afternoon housecleaning, I’ve made a few additions or changes to the blogroll.

I’ve added Chris Blattman to our list of economics blogs. Dani Rodrik speaks the truth when he calls this “the most interesting development blog around.” Chris’ blog — which is relatively new — is primarily about conflict and political change in the developing world, with a particular focus on Africa. This blog has skyrocketed into my top echelon of “must-read” blogs. Here’s hoping he keeps it up.

This is now somewhat old news, but the Wall Street Journal Energy Roundup has a new look: it’s now Environmental Capital, indicating a broader focus beyond energy to “the business of the environment.” They’ve been recategorized appropriately.

I’ve added Oikos to the blogroll. An environmental policy blog that focuses on Australia, the author seemed to have disappeared around the time we got CT started last fall. He’s returned in the last couple months, and while posting is still very infrequent, it’s not a bad place to go if you want environmental policy news from “down under”.

Finally, Lynne Kiesling — not wanting to be outdone by the env-econ guys — seems to be giving Knowledge Problem a fresh new look. I like it Lynne!

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