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New York City MTA 1, me 0

Posted by Daniel Hall on January 17, 2008

I just got back to DC more than 2 hours late due to my inability to navigate the New York subway.  Not that I should really complain, because it was definitely my fault, but good grief that system is confusing for a first-time visitor.  I still am hugely in favor of public transit, and I’m positive that if ever I lived in NYC I would love the system, but it sure would be nice if when you asked the station manager where the 1 train to Penn Station is he would do something more than grunt and point up the stairs to the hostile, freezing streets from whence you came.

Addendum: The Amtrak train from DC to NYC (and back) is a charm, but let’s think about increasing the frequency of service and reducing fares — I think this might be Pareto-optimal given other existing realities.  Also, how about some free wireless on that thing?  I would have loved to live-blog my frustration rather than uploading it now that I’m home.

2 Responses to “New York City MTA 1, me 0”

  1. Kenae said

    I went to NYC for the first time a few months ago. I managed to take the right trains but wasn’t really sure WHY I was taking certain red lines and not others and how they were split between tracks, when it was express and not, etc.

    In other words, I agree.

    Great post!


  2. Keane said

    I love how I spelled my own name wrong…

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