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Global warming consequence of the day

Posted by Rich Sweeney on January 7, 2008

If the threat of rising sea-levels and extreme weather isn’t enough to get you up in arms against climate change, how about rampant cat sex? According Pets Across America, rising temperatures have lengthened the feline breeding cycle, sparking a “cat invasion” at shelters across America. No word yet on how this is going to impact the bird community.

Came across this in the Harper’s yearly review.

2 Responses to “Global warming consequence of the day”

  1. John Fleck said

    I mentioned this to a friend, who pointed out that it is typical to cremate pets euthanized at shelters. Which puts all that carbon back into the atmosphere. It’s a death spiral.

  2. mammaren said

    I am equally horrified and not at all surprised.. (scratches head..)

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