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Posted by Daniel Hall on January 4, 2008

Aaron Schiff of 26econ surveyed economics bloggers late last year, and I participated. He has posted and summarized survey results at his blog. I was somewhat surprised by how few bloggers comment at other sites (particularly given the self-selection bias involved in responding to a survey from another econ blogger). I was also initially surprised by the age of the typical econ blogger — over 50% are over 40 — but upon reflection I supposed that, at least for academicians, it does take awhile to get established and perhaps younger researchers are too busy trying to get tenure (and guarding their reputations). Aaron also hosts a useful ranked directory of econ blogs.

In related econ-blog-rankings news, CT has just been added to Brian Gongol’s rankings.

Update: Aaron’s directory has just crossed the 200 econ blog threshold, an event that prompts a few awards, including one to our favorite (shamelessly self-promoting) blog… a blog you might call the “granddaddy” of environmental economics blogs.  (Only kidding, John, only kidding!)

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