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Thoughts on Environmental Economics

Some good news on renewables

Posted by Rich Sweeney on December 18, 2007

1. A recent study by two Stanford professors found that up to 1/3 of wind capacity can be used to supply baseload electricity once a large enough number of wind turbines are linked together. To date, wind’s market penetration has been hindered by its perceived intermittence.  If the authors’ findings are correct, they might suggest that government should focus on subsidizing inter-turbine transmission, not turbine production.  Read the press release and download the paper here. H/T The Energy Blog.

2. Today’s NYTimes has an article on Nanosolar’s new thin film PV panels.  The Google backed company plans to start selling photovoltaic systems for as low as $2 a watt. Assuming a ten year life and a very conservative 8 hours of sunlight a day, that’s less than 7 cents a kilowatt hour.

More evidence that we may not even need an RPS. H/T Thom.

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