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Posted by Daniel Hall on December 4, 2007

Who thought this was a good idea?

An environmental group called Rising Tide North America put out a fake press release on Monday stating that members of U.S. Climate Action Partnership had agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions and to stop building coal-fired power plants.

USCAP, a group of industrial companies including NRG Energy, said later that it never made such commitments. …

The fake press release was e-mailed to the news media…. The release included a link to the Web site, a fraudulent Web site that was nearly identical to the real USCAP Web site, at

What is this, third grade?

Rising Tide opposes the use of fossil fuels and promotes “community based solutions” to climate change.

Ok, so maybe their agenda isn’t all bad. “Community based solutions”, right? Who could oppose those?

Jessica Starr, an organizer for the group, said the fraudulent press release was meant to draw attention to climate change and the idea of cutting emissions substantially.

“It’s a free speech tactic,” she said.

Well… that’s one perspective.

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