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Enhanced oil recovery fact of the day

Posted by Daniel Hall on November 26, 2007

The use of anthropogenic, or man made, CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) at existing oil extraction sites is not common practice. There are about 73 EOR projects in the US, which annually inject approximately 34 million tonnes of CO2 for EOR. However, only about 3 million tonnes (less than 10 per cent) are from anthropogenic sources. Oil producers are taking the rest from naturally-occurring underground deposits of CO2

EOR projects are a natural way to demonstrate carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, but this highlights how far we are from having the other infrastructure in place that can move emissions from the smokestack to the injection site. Of course, if companies knew there was going to be some type of price on emissions they might start thinking more about developing such infrastructure.

The source is the guest commentary in the most recent Carbon Market North America from PointCarbon [pdf].

2 Responses to “Enhanced oil recovery fact of the day”

  1. Big Oil said

    That is definitely something to think about as EOR continues to grow. I’m sure soon there will be cheaper more innovative ways to extract oil.

  2. Crude Oil said

    I agree with Big Oil….there must be easier and cheaper ways to extract oil that will be brought to the surface soon.

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