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Electric power sector carbon emissions database

Posted by Daniel Hall on November 14, 2007

Dani Rodrik points us to an awesome new resource:

Want to know how much CO2 is emitted by the power plant across town, and how it compares to the one in the city you are planning to move? The Center for Global Development has just launched a web site that will tell you exactly that. In fact, the site has emissions data for every single power plant in the world–some 50,000+ power plants and 20,000+ power-producing companies.

Called the CARMA (CARbon Monitoring for Action) website and database, the site focuses on the global power sector, the largest carbon emitter industry. …

This is an amazing treasure trove of data. …

No joke. This is an amateur dataminer’s dream come true. I played around with their interface for a few minutes. It seems fairly intuitive. You can look up the utility in your area and see what generation resources they hold. The site also has pre-set geographic regions which you can bring up to see all the generation resources in the area. Here is the larger DC metro area. Here is Beijing. They also have a blog which includes some tips to get you started exploring.

Go forth and datamine!

2 Responses to “Electric power sector carbon emissions database”

  1. Jeff Brown said

    Sounds like a great resource, especially for the international dimension. For emissions from power plants in the US, EPA has a similar resource that has a couple of additional features:
    – it covers NOx, SO2, and Mercury in addition to CO2;
    – it shows not just average emissions intensity, but also a “non-baseload” emissions intensity; this is a much better metric for estimating avoided emissions from things like energy efficiency and renewables, and can be quite different from the average.
    The information is available at several different levels of aggregation, including generator level, utility level, state level, and NERC region and subregion level.

  2. I agreed with the author and I want to congratulate for providing that type useful information moreover renewable energy is the best solution for this . Renewable energy not only environment friendly but also its save time money and moreover it can fulfill upcoming power demand that why Navtej Kohli Announces Renewable Energy Projects

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