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Posted by Daniel Hall on November 13, 2007

From the inbox:

It’s a non-profit film library that works like Netflix or Blockbuster online, but is for free and with an emphasis on documentaries and global and social issues. Just sign up and start browsing for films and they’ll mail it to you no charge!

I checked the website FAQ and they really do appear to run on the honor system — no membership dues and no late fees — although they incentivize donations by allowing members who make a one-time $110 donation to check out three movies at a time, rather than only 1 for non-contributing members. Either way, however, there are not incentives for marginal behavior; they are relying on the good will of their members to prevent abuse of the commons. I wonder actually if donors may turn out to behave ‘worse’ — late returns, checking out movies they don’t intend to watch in a timely fashion — because they feel they have paid for the right to be boorish some leniency.

They seem to have a wide selection of films that I suspect may interest this blog’s readership.

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